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So sick of McDonalds in Plymouth NC! Trying to get a Frappe is like playing the lotto! Its forever ” broke” or out of syrup or ice cream… The whole town knows and constantly jokes about It on social media…

My 5 ur old son loves McDonald’s but I’ve finally had it! Our orders are never right or sloppily put together, missing stuff constantly and people have repeatedly posted pics of burgers where they didn’t even put the patties on!! Just bread and must ketchup & onions!! This has happened multiple times!!

So this morning they messed up our order for the 3rd time this week. & the last! No frappe and my fish with ketchup and cheese was a fillet half on the bun no ketchup, no cheese but a big glob of mayo enough to gag you globbed on top!

Topped off my several rude employees who don’t wanna do anything! There used to b a few good people there but they must have got sick of taking up all the slack up the lazy ones…

Either take frappés off the menu or fix them! & if you can’t put a patty or fillet on a bun straight GO HOME! Out of maybe 15 fish fillets n the last month or so ONE was on straight….thought about taking and posting a picture! It is that rare to get a correctly made sandwich!

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