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I just left McDonald’s locating on 3rd Street in Chattanooga Tn. at 12:30 a.m. I went to order food (purchased through the drive through) for some individuals waiting in the ER at a near by hospital.

I wanted my order in separate bags for convenience; it was three orders. I stated that I needed my order’s in three separate bags convenience because I was taking them back to the hospital for three individuals( that had been in a car wreck).

The first cashier called back to the expediter what I want and the expediter stated “F**k Them” and I was once I heard this I needed to speak with the manager (Asia) she stated that she would handle it.

There needs to be another why to deal with unruly employees that don’t want to do their jobs. Your job is to have customer service. Not knowing if the customer is dealing with a tragedy or not coming from the near by hospital makes the situation more disrespectful.

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