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We had brand new sod in the front and back yard. We immediately invested in Massey and asked them to take care of the front and back. They have a guarantee about sod being destroyed. This is not the case! We had a week in our backyard and we complained about it starting the beginning of June. They came out numerous times afterwards stating they would talk to their manager about the weed. This happened numerous times with no one ever doing anything about it.

I called repeatedly and they would send someone else out and there would still be no resolution. It ended up overtaking a large portion of our yard. We eventually got the general Manager of the Tampa store to come out and he said he could replace the sod for a fee. I refused! He said the weed could have been stopped with minimal damage back in June if we would have killed it. We were not told this or we would have immediately done it.

The manager said he would talk to corporate and get back with us the beginning of the next week. That was three weeks ago! We now have several hundreds of dollars in damage to our yard and we have paid them the year up front. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

The TAMPA location is horrible, unprofessional, and the general Manager is worthless and lies to your face. They are dishonest and don’t care that they are actually costing people money!

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Rae Lee-Customer Care
Mr. Menendez, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are concerned that we have not met your expectations. Per the notes on your account, you met the regional manager back in Oct 2016 and as mutually agreed the sod was replaced. The Regional Manager you worked with at that time is currently out of town, so to avoid delay, I will have another Regional Manager contact you in his absence to address any ongoing concern that exists. Our priority is total customer satisfaction and we want to ensure your concerns are resolved.

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