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I went in for dinner 45 mins before they closed. So, i probably was wrong, but I ordered a wing meal, and shortly after found out it was a 20min wait on wings… So, I instead ordered a 5 piece strip meal…

About 5mins later found out there was no strips for me. So i asked what chicken they have. The manager was the rudest I’ve ever encountered. I asked for a 3 piece white, so I could get out of their hair, cuz it was a lot of huffing an puffing going on.

I checked my food… Now, for my almost eight dollars she gave me a thigh and breast. So I ask where was my 3rd pieces? She got so sassy and rude saying I said something else. So finally she slams a piece of bird in the bag they put sides in… Not my dinner box. Got no biscuit, no condiments,

Then I get home an see the bag. Chicken, a dried out wing…omg. And the mac and cheese look like she scraped the pan to gather enough for my cup… I almost shed a frustration tear.

I just wanted what used to be my fav chicken. Their customer service sucks @$@. Im never going there again… Kroger deli has some good chicken.

Lee’s famous Recipe Chicken – 5251 Glenway Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45238 | 513-921-1386

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