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I joined this new makeup company Lady Godiva beauty aka LGB before it launched. We were asked to prepay for the $99 kits. For launch there was a small “get together” at her house. Once we launched and prices were posted a red flag went up.

After research I found out the foundations only cost around $9 but she sells for $44. Eyeshadows cost $3-$5 and she sells for $20.

The biggest catch was when one of the members discovered the CEO’s last name. This person was immediately fired from the company and frowned upon. After googling the name myself I discovered the CEO was Camille Milke a fraudulent real estate person from New Mexico. She goes by the name Camille Lisa to hide her real identity.

As time went on anyone that asked about her name was removed from the company. This lady dictates who you should be friends with on facebook. If she kicks a person out of the company you are instructed to unfriend and block them even if they were your friend before you joined the company.

I’ve lost a few friends this way. I revealed what I knew about the CEO and was kicked out.

The company launched a mermaid line and the CEO stole pics of models off the internet and claimed the makeup on them was from her company.

When confronted by 2 of the models she instructed all of her members to remove the pics. However she lied to the company members saying the pictures were from the manufacturer’s site but because she didn’t hire the models they had to be removed.

This company has lots of chat groups and in the chats the women along with the CEO were making threats against the people telling the truth about the CEO’s past. If the past isn’t bad why would she go to these lengths to hide it.

The company isn’t friendly and the CEO is a liar, fraud and con artist. If you are ever approached to join research first. Better yet run very fast to the next company.

For Lady Godiva Beauty Representatives or Owners

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Official Responses from Lady Godiva Beauty

By: Camille Lisa On: June 12, 2017

Response from Camille Lisa – CEO of Lady Godiva Beauty

The information provided in this complaint is false. There is no factual evidence to confirm the claims being made against our company. Everyone who has worked for our company at any point, has received what they have earned and what they have purchased. This small group of people who have decided to wage a cyber harassment war against me, my company, and Beauties within my company are upset for personal reasons, because of their lack of qualifying for promotions.
We have policies and procedures in place that do not allow for us to just kick people out of the company. No one was kicked out. The only people removed, were removed, after they requested that they no longer be a part of the company.
Their is no history of fraud, no threats ever made. They have taken information, chats, etc and twisted them, edited them, to try to make it look like something was there that doesn’t actually exist.
As a makeup company, we have manufacturers who supply us with our products, they also hire models to show the quality of our products, and authorize us to use those model photographs. We made a company decision to remove model photos and go back to photos of our own Beauties. This was not because of fraud or not having permission to use the photos. We simply prefer to showcase the amazing women who work with our company.

Many complaints are in the process of being filed with the FBI for cyber harassment, in addition to multiple local law enforcement cases already in process due to the harassment from these individuals becoming physical threats and even contacting their other places of employment. As you can see, they chose to remain anonymous with their complaint and not provide factual information.
Please remove it as not being accurate information and continuing the cyber harassment they have begun against us and our company.

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The claims by the original poster are in fact true. You can Google the CEO first and last name to verify the real estate fraud case. I can personally say that I was removed from all Facebook groups/chats/forums without any reason. I entered a support ticket and waited 3 days before I started posting on social media pleading to know why I was removed and blocked from Camille Lisa’s and Dana Wolter’s page. No response from them. I was then terminated by Camille for being ‘negative’ when the only thing I ever wanted to know was why I was removed.… Read more »

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