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On June 14th, 2016, I transacted a purchase for a recliner chair at LaZBoy furniture in Pineville, NC. I placed the charge on my credit card account for a total amount of $1662.31 and was given a receipt only. the very fine printed documents that I was asked to sign & initial, I was told those were for the delivery of the chair on July 27th 2016.

But on June 20th 2016 I notified LaZBoy that I needed to cancel this purchase because of circumstances beyond my control, I followed-up with a certified return receipt letter asking LaZBoy to please cancel this purchase because of circumstances beyond my control, I no longer have need for this chair and to please stop the process for delivery. And I did apologize to LaZBoy for any inconvenience caused.

LaZBoy flatly refused to cancel this purchase. They say there is a no cancellation policy with all purchases, of which I was never told about. Now according to LaZBoy I have to pay them $1662.31 for a recliner chair that is still in LaZBoy’s possession.

On August 16th 2016 I spoke to Debbie at LaZBoy to try and reach a resolution to this purchase, but Debbie was very Arrogant and she then put a gentleman on the phone name was David and he was even more arrogant than debbie. His exact words was “what do you want from me, we’re not canceling this charge” End of conversation.

LaZBoy Furniture Gallery – 1610 Rembert Court | 11515 Carolina place Pkwy Charlotte NC Pineville 28134 | 704-341-8393

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