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This is the second time we have been disappointed with our purchase from an National Company. We first bought 2 recliners from La-z boy a few years back. One kept having issues with the reclining mechanism. A service tech came out 5 times within the first 2 years. Each time he bent parts as a “quick fix”. We kept asking for La-z boy to replace the chair. We eventually got rid of both recliners.

Wanting to trust in the La-z boy Company, we found a lovely comfortable sectional couch. The fit was perfect when we sat. No inching back into the seat to get comfortable and feet remained on the floor. The back support was perfect. So, we purchased 3 recliners and 2 armless chairs to make up a large sectional that fits against our back wall in our living room. This is our only seating we have.

Then issues began. First and up most, the size of the seat was larger than the floor model and the back angle of the sectional was way off. Then after 6 months the seat cushions and back support starting breaking down.

A tech came out, took pictures and measurements. We did get the seat cushion replaced and more fiber stuffing was added to the back support. However the replacement cushion and stuffing started breaking down again. As for the size, we heard nothing but excuses. We were told that the construction meets ” quality design” in regards to the back angle ( which went from slight vertical to a 45 degree angle) and the seat depth.( which was 2 inches deeper, making us having now to scoot back into the seat and use pillows for support.) We were also told that it is normal for cushions and stuffing to breakdown within a period of time. (apparently a very short time, more like months not years as you would expect from La-z boy).

These poorly designed living room seating prompted many calls. Nothing has lasted. We are very disappointed in La-z boy and all the supposedly stand for.

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