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I bought a, “sofa”, from, JCPenney. Within two months it could not be sat on!

I paid attention that it came with a, 1 year factory guarantee. Instructions stated to start with “Purchase”, confirmation from buying point, (store) (J.C.Penney).

I did. They confirmed and I moved on to step two.

The “Manufacturer – “HANDY LIVING”, would send out a, 3rd party inspector. At THEIR concordance. Which was switched on, 2 separate occasions, and ended up taking, just shy of a month.

Inspector comes, (NOT VERY “clean” in appearance!) He takes a couple of pictures and poof: done!

I kindly asked him what he was going to suggest. He stated that he was going to call the leg, (which had snapped off) “unfixable”, and call where the material was ALL bunched up towards the middle of the sofa, “normal”! HUH!

The leg could have been fixed in 10 minutes by putting in a new backer (which “he” would have been required to do). The cushion ALL coming together in the middle! That’s, “Normal?!?”

That has been going on 2week’s ago and I have heard NOTHING back! I have attempted trying to get a hold of someone ever since to NO AVAIL.

Now I am back to JCPenny. Let me say right now; The rep. Named, Liz, is AWESOME! She has been working on getting this straightened out for the last, 2 day’s! I am waiting on a call from her as I am writing this. HATS OFF TO, “Liz”at J.C. Penny.

“HANDY LIVING, and the rest of their cowards, Forget about it! Do yourself A favor!

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