On 4-12-17 a lead was generated by an entry on HOME ADVISOR website. A call was placed immediately to the number provided. A name of G. Trolinger was listed on the lead. When G. Trolinger answered, he said that he did not enter the lead, that someone else did and he was not interested in obtaining a contractor.

This seemed odd, so I checked the address entered. It was a bogus address. Then I sent an email to the email that was entered. It too was bogus as it bounced back indicating that it did not exist.

With all of this invalid and bogus information, I requested a refund from Home Advisor for the $16.05 that was billed out to my account. It was denied. REALLY? I cannot get a refund for bogus info that is sent to me?

I called a supervisor, Christina to no avail. She kept repeating the company mantra about why she could not issue a refund.

I called the phone number person listed on Home Advisor’s website and had Christine from Home Advisor listen to the conversation. The man who answered was NOT G. Trolinger and he admitted that he was the one who entered the invalid info without the G. Trolinger’s knowledge. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here.

Someone was playing around on their website and I have to pay for it. This is SO WRONG.

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Home Advisor is a total rip off, BOGUS LEADS. I signed up for the service spent close to $2000 for leads that did not exist. Not one was ready to build or start a project. Most where bid shoppers and tire kicking on my dime. I called to cancel the service and the Jack leg on the other end of the phone tried to talk me out stopping the service. I blocked payment from my credit card and Home Advisor continued to send leads.


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