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I signed up with Home Advisor about 3 years ago and at first got several leads that turned into jobs. However, for the last year and a half, I have been severely disappointed with both service and model. I would get leads (often the first one) and the person did not actually own a house, but was just “checking out costs” for something he might make an offer on.

Those leads cost $60 each. I would dutifully file for a refund (since the lead did not actually have a house) and each and every time I got the same form email back explaining that HA had investigated and no refund would be issued.

I would call and complain, using my already stretched time, and eventually threaten to close my account. The supervisor would issue the refund, then with the next lead I would have to repeat the torturous process again. Each time I would beg them to talk to corporate about the form email denials and customer relations. It went ignored.

I did not get one legitimate lead in 20 months of trying with HA. The last supervisor complained that I had threatened to “quit” quite a few times and asked what I wanted to do…implying that I was trying to game them… My response was that if they could actually provide a viable lead, I wouldn’t ask for a refund and have to fight with them. They didn’t even try to fix the problem.

Worst customer service and business model out there. I should not have to pay $60 to suck hind t*t behind 5 other guys who got the contact before me. What a great way to milk professionals though.

Most of the leads where they actually owned a house had already received 5 calls and were irritated by the time I contacted them. At least half never responded or answered contact attempts.

I lost nearly $500 and incalculable time trying to work this ungainly system. HA really needs to employ a specialist to repair its customer interactions. They have forgotten that the customer is always right and a priority, not just a pile of cash to be raked up.

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I went through the same exact thing. What they REALLY need to do is charge only for legitimate leads that follow through to actual sales. I paid many, many $ to HA for wrong numbers, no answers, “already found someone else”s, “just checking prices,” and TONS of other nonsense and NEVER, EVER got a refund when they were reported!


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