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I am writing to express my unnerving deep disgust pertaining to a whirlpool dishwasher my husband and I purchased at hhgregg along with a 5 year warranty. First and foremost I would like to state that the customer service at hhgregg is the lousiest, most incompetent, and uncaring customer service of which with I have ever had the unfortunate experience of having to communicate. In sum, they HAVE NO customer SERVICE. I would also like to state that I have been dealing with this non-functioning dishwasher for over a month now and the machine still does not work.

As a background, we purchased the dishwasher NEW and on sale as we were planning our kitchen remodel. Those of you who have remodeled know that nothing goes as quickly as planned. So the dishwasher was in an unopened box until our contractor installed it 6/3/16.

The following day we loaded it up and ran it for the first time since purchase. Nothing was clean, even the watered down milk spots in our cereal bowls were still present. Since this was the first time we had ever used the dishwasher, we decided to try again on the heavy setting. We were left with the same results, nothing was even remotely clean.

So I went to the hhgregg store in Florence, KY where we had purchased the machine from in person the following Monday. They said they could not help me but would file a service report and I should be contacted within 24 hours.

Over 48 hours passed and I had still not been contacted. So I called the manager that I had spoken to, Tyler, and asked why I hadn’t heard from anyone. He stated I needed to wait at least 24 hours. I explained to him that it had been over 48 hours, and he again stated that I had to wait 24 hours, as if I was unable to comprehend that 48 hours is longer than 24. He stated that he could resubmit my service report, but that was all he could do besides give me customer service’s phone number.

After attempting to get through to customer service and still not having a repair person contact me, I again called the hhgregg store and was told Tyler was unavailable so I explained the situation to another employee hoping to get a better result. She stated that I needed to wait at 24 hours before hearing back from the service company; again at this point it had been over 48 hours. She went on to say that since I had purchased the dishwasher more than 30 days ago there was nothing she could do.

I explained to her that the dishwasher was purchased during a kitchen remodel and had just been installed for the very first time the week before and had yet to clean a single dish. I asked why it did not qualify for a return as I was afraid I had a lemon. She rudely told me trying to return this non-functioning new dishwasher would be the equivalent of returning a car to the dealership after driving it for 4 years.

I asked her how that related at all since the dishwasher had NEVER worked since coming out of the box. I then asked her for a better number for customer service so that I could call myself, as no one at the store seemed to be able to contact them on my behalf.

The following day I called customer service, waited on hold for about 30 minutes and spoke to a female employee who seemed concerned that the dishwasher had never worked and agreed that was not normal. Since the dishwasher was still under the manufacturer’s warranty, she gave me the customer service number for whirlpool and asked me to call them to set up a service appointment as that would be the first step.

After contacting whirlpool, they scheduled an appointment for later that week. I expressed to them my concerns that this dishwasher had never worked since being purchased new, and they said they were only able to repair the machine, not replace it, and that replacement would be up to hhgregg.

When the repair man came out, he determined the motor was not working. Again I remind you this was a new machine directly out of the box that had never worked. So he ordered a new motor and scheduled an appointment to return the following week.

After that, I again contacted whirlpool and asked since the motor was such an intricate part of the machine and it had never worked, could they not just replace it since it had been bought new I was very concerned it might be a lemon. They stated they had to do the repair first and then could reevaluate and consider replacing the machine.

The new motor was installed the following week and we ran the dishwasher that night. At that time water started leaking in torrents from the bottom of the door onto my new hardwood floor! Thankfully I had run the machine while I was home so I could catch and mop the water otherwise I would have had to replace my new floor! I stopped the dishwasher to be sure nothing was wedged in the door. Everything looked good inside, yet water continued to pour water out.

So I called whirlpool again and reported the problem. To me this is still a dishwasher that did not work and never had worked. They again denied replacing it but planned to send out a service tech for a THIRD time the following week and told me that only the point of purchase, hhgregg, could replace it at this time.

After that I called hhgregg again and was on hold for over an hour before speaking to a supervisor at which point he told me that according to his report, the motor had been replaced, I informed him that there was now another problem as water was running out the front of the door during the cycles and he stated there was nothing he could do. Again, hhgregg has absolutely NO customer service.

When the service tech came out, he could not determine the cause of the leak and asked me to run a full cycle later that night, which I did and the machine again leaked large quantities of water which I recorded on video.

I called the following day to whirlpool and they told me that they had a report that the problem had been repaired. I clarified that the motor had been replaced and that now there was an entirely new problem that was most definitely not repaired. So they again decided to send out a service tech later that week.

As a side note, I was working full time while trying to set up multiple attempts to meet a service technician which in itself is a huge inconvenience. I called hhgregg again to report that there was definitely still a problem and it had not been repaired, they told me someone would call me that afternoon, which never happened.

When the next service tech came out, that made service number FOUR on a NEW machine that had NEVER run, he saw that it truly was pouring water out the front and determined that the cause could be multiple things and ordered 6 parts. Let me repeat: he ordered SIX PARTS for a BRAND NEW machine that had never worked since coming out of the box. I had him ask whirlpool while he was on the phone with their technical support if they could just replace it since clearly it was a lemon and they said no. Apparently, it was easier for them to continue replacing all the parts than to replace a machine that had NEVER run correctly.

I called hhgregg again that morning and waited on hold for over an hour again and spoke to a supervisor named Billy, she agreed that this was a significant amount of service calls for a dishwasher that had been purchased new and never run. She told me that she was submitting the claim to a higher status and felt like it should be replaced but did not have the authority to do so and would have someone call me on my cellphone that afternoon, as I had to go to work. I asked her also why no one had returned my call earlier that week and went over my contact numbers with her, she stated that they must have had a wrong number, but when I asked her what number they called, she could not tell me.

She also said that the paperwork to file an advanced claim had already been requested but must have gotten misplaced. No one ever called me and when I tried to call them back later that evening the receptionist was already gone for the day and my call would not go through.

Later that same evening , my husband went to again to the Florence, KY hhgregg store where we purchased the dishwasher and spoke to a manager about all that we had been through and they simply told him there was nothing they could do. Again, they have NO customer service. My husband also spoke to a customer service representative on the phone that evening and they told him someone would call him to address his concerns within 24-48 hours. That was 6 days ago and no one has called him back.

So another week went by and the service had to be postponed a day since the parts had not all arrived due to the 4th of July holiday weekend. I again called hhgregg customer service Tuesday, July 5th and after being on hold for over half an hour, asked to speak to a supervisor as one was supposed to have returned our calls 3 different times but had not.

I was placed on hold for another 25 minutes and told a supervisor was not available and would have to call me back. I said absolutely not as I had already been told that twice and my husband had also been told that the previous Friday, yet no one had returned our calls. After being on hold another 10 minutes, I was told that all supervisors were in a meeting and I would have to be called back. She told me that we had been called back and voicemails had been left. I said that was impossible and confirmed the phone numbers she had listed. Both were working numbers that we had received other calls and voicemails from during the timeframe that we were supposed to have ha d return calls.

Additionally, she did not have any record of my cell phone number that I had left with a supervisor the week before. I asked her what the supposed voicemails had said and she told me they had denied my claim for a new dishwasher after FIVE service attempts on a NEW machine that had NEVER worked. She then said that a supervisor would call me.

As of now it has been 48 hours and no one from customer service has contacted me at any of the numbers I confirmed with her. This makes 3 times that hhgregg has told me they would call me back and once that they told my husband the same thing, yet no one has returned our calls. Apparently this is just a ploy they use to get customers to shut up.

So at this time, it has been over a month of having an installed BRAND NEW dishwasher, that has NEVER functioned properly and hhgregg still refuses to replace the machine or give any sort of compensation. Even more discrediting is the fact that they will not return my calls and lie about doing so when they’ve dismissed me 3 different times by saying that they would call later that day.

Oh and to put the icing on the cake I’m due any day to have my first baby. So why wouldn’t I want the additional stress of waiting on multiple service calls and spending hours on the phone with an uncaring and incompetent company.

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