Rude breakfast manager - Hardees

Branch / Location of Complaint: Hardee's
Address: 2518 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington, North Carolina 28401
Phone: 910-762-3904

The breakfast manager was very rude to the employees on three occasions. This rudeness broke the camel back this morning for me.

I drove though the drive thru, as the young lady was taken my order I could hear the manger auguring with the young lady.

As I drove to the window the young lady was very upset with the manger, the manger would not stop arguing and drowning her out. Everything the young lady was doing was not right for the manager.

I told the young lady it will be alright just keep working.

This is not right for a manager to treat the employees.

If nothing is done about the manager I will not be back at Hardee’s again.

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