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My husband and I had prescriptions for diabetic shoes sent to Hanger. When they received them, we were very busy and requested that they contact us 2 weeks later to schedule our appointments.

We never heard back, and when I called and questioned this they told me the prescriptions were deleted from the system specifically because they never called us back in time. When they asked me to have my doctors re-fax the orders, I told them that they were responsible for doing that since they had caused the error to begin with.

When I didn’t have the doctor’s phone number memorized, and asked them to look it up, the representative called me RUDE. I’m not sure how I became the rude person when their office staff was not responsible enough to do their job properly and deleted the doctor’s orders to begin with.

I’m insulted that they would treat a patient (customer) in such a way. The actual medical personnel at Hanger are very nice and professional, but the front desk staff is quite the opposite.

This interaction has not caused any monetary loss on our part but might cause one to Hanger Clinic if my husband and I take our business to another provider.

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