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On Sept. 2, 2015, my husband went to Hanger Clinic in Linda Vista for an arch support. He specifically requested Hanger Clinic proceed the order only if insurance approve the coverage.

A few weeks later, he got a call from Hanger Clinic that insurance he was approved for the coverage of the arch support; then proceeded the order.

More than a year later, on Nov. 5, 2016, we got a bill from Hanger Clinic for the amount of $245.54 for the arch support.

I then called Hanger billing department (844-727-0735), and requested a reason. The response was insurance denied the claim. But they admitted that:

a. the delay of billing was due to their computer system problem.

b. they made a mistake when they requested for approval from insurance. They requested as a diabetic patient, which my husband is not.

Hanger Clinic refused to take any consequence for the mistake they made, and insist on the full amount. My husband would not have ordered the arch support if it was not covered by insurance, which he made very clear with Hanger Clinic at very beginning.

I have contacted them numerous times after receiving the first bill. I tried to work with them to resolve the dispute, and even offered pay a portion of the amount.

It’s pretty apparent that Hanger is a very poorly run business, and is not interested in resolving a billing issue in a professional manner. Instead using Collection Agencies to harass clients into paying disputed bills.

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