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I had Verizon for home and cell phone. My home phone was down for 3 days. I spent six hours yesterday (3/11/16). They ask that I purchase new phones as they showed no outages…bought new phones, still issues. They informed me they will put in a work request, which could take up to 48 hours. So, I am without phone service.

After much frustration attempting to work with them, I decided to cancel service. Verizon wants an early out payment of 48 dollars. Quit honestly, they owe me far more in not being able to help resolve this issue.

Went from customer service to another department and another. When I went with Verizon in August of 2015, I had to pay 125.00 as a deposit which I was told would be reimbursed.

I am requesting that amount now to settle this mess. I refuse to pay the early cancellation fee due to their total lack of respect to me during these complaints and not having phone service for 4 days now.

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