I brought a bottle of hidden valley ranch dressing from food lion. Didn’t look at the expiration date because I have never had a problem with buying spoiled ranch dressing before. I put it on my salad and was eating it, and noticed it tasted like blue cheese dressing, so I thought I must have accidentally put the blue cheese dressing on my salad, that I also had in my refrigerator; and I continued to eat the rest of my salad.

The next day I was very sick throwing up most of the day and feeling very week. I just thought I must have had a virus. I had to leave work and take a half a day. Once I got home my daughter brought it up to my attention that the ranch dressing tasted funny. That’s when I noticed it was out of date and was definitely spoiled and no longer any good.

This made me very upset because we had just purchased this item just yesterday on 6/13/2016.

There needs to be a stricter law when it comes to expired food in stores!

I want a refund and some kind of compensation for all the problems I endured for there mistake!

Food Lion Location – 649 Main St Bunn NC 27508 | 919-496-7488

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