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I’m at extended stay America on Sam Houston pkwy and westimer. I woke up to no running water, no AC, no way to flush the toilet. No way to refrigerate anything, because the power went out. The management said that they were on vacation and there was little that they can do.

The young lady went door to door in the whole hotel trying to ease everyone’s mind, and still got disrespected. Management doesn’t care about that, as long as they get their rent. Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you are not suppose to stop caring about the people who rent from you.

Alexis and Folami took all the heat from everyone in this hotel while management stayed at home and relaxed, while the whole hotel is uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

I bet they won’t even try to rectify the situation. Give us credit for two days or something. Management doesn’t have any care about there employees at all leaving these two ladies to take the heat from all the residents.

Management is petty over towels and anything else you might need. You see how they treat there employees with no respect how do you imagine they treat there residents. The power has been out all morning, all day, so who knows when something is going to be done.

Don’t come here unless you want to be smiled in your face, and stabbed in your back the whole time. I’m hot, uncomfortable, and feeling disrespected, the whole day.

Furthermore I don’t understand why the people who has been staying here since the Superbowl, rent should go up. We been here before and after the Superbowl, so why should we suffer? But that’s corporate, go figure. So I guess I know where management gets it from. So for one week because of the superbowl is going to be at least $400. $277 to $400, is that fair? You tell me.

Extended Stay America – 2424 w sam Houston Pwy S 416 Houston Texas 77042 | 832-359-6949

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