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I have a huge serious complaint and issue about my stay at the extended stay in Appleton Wisconsin. The General Manager that your corporation has hired is a detrimental personality as well as a liar. He has been rude to me since i have been at this location and has constantly lied about me, in retaliation. Which has now caused me to be homeless. All because i have had to contact corporate on him numerous times, complaining about his rude, and crudeness, and inability to listen to a paying guest.

He has disrespected me and my intelligence on too many times, and has displayed ILLEGAL actions by authorizing someone else’s credit card for my room, when notes clearly told him that he must contact that card holders owner before authorizing it.

I called, once again and filed a complaint on him, and corporate must have contacted him. But the front desk clerk, Molly, is the one who reversed all extra charges that was made on the card by Jason, back to the card.

Yesterday, I got a highly unprofessional call to my room and supposedly the regional director, by the name of Mike Lindsay, to not my working cell phone like it should have been made, but to my room that i rent at the property. It was saying that Jason said i had been rude. Which if I was rude to him it was due to his rudeness to me, and always thinking he is right. When actually he is not, and obviously has no idea what he is doing on this job.

Now this is a serious issue to me one because i was lied on two its highly unprofessional and unacceptable for any so called regional director and general manager to operate in this manner and once again due to Jason and lies he has told a paying customer is homeless in a state they are not from. Everything at the front desk is videotaped and recorded period which is a good thing since now detrimental harm has came my way on behalf of EXTENDED STAY CORPORATION which is unacceptable once again. I had a reservation made for Friday the 6th of January 2017 which Jason and Mike took upon themselves and cancelled it. Now this is an issue period.

This is a serious and detrimental situation period and honestly now i do not feel safe staying here period on behalf of this corporations employees they have hired as GM and Regional. My life is in jeopardy because of EXTENDED STAY AMERICA.

I am requesting that the amount of $1,815.06 be refunded to me due to this horrible ordeal that i have had to experience at your Appleton establishment. Since you as a corporation have so called decided that a guest, who is paying great money, is so-called rude to an incompetent, lying person, that is the GM and a obviously not to sharp Regional Manager, who obviously is in cahoots with the GM.

I need to be reimbursed or compensated one way or another. This is a legal issue at the same time and i wouldn’t be surprised if other people contact this property and corporation as well behind it being a legal problem for endangering a human life.

Extended Stay America – Jason Woller – 4141 Boardwalk Ct Appleton WI 54915 | 920-830-9596 | extendedstayapp@gmail.com

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