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When they came to install the asked me to sign for the install. I was not told it was for permission to install. Then when I could not read the channel guide and they had lied as to the pricing, I told them not to install and I did not want it. They ignored me and the men said I had 3 days to rescind a contract in the US.

I did call immediately and tell dish network I did not want the service and asked them to uninstall it. They did not do it but I had TWC come install 3 days later. They are using the piece of paper I signed to install before I saw the writing on the screen to say I was bound to a contract.

I returned their tuners but one got left out for I had in home care and the caretaker left one tuner out. They harassed me for over a year till I told them I found it and to send box but I had to take it to fedex across town. I am disabled and could not do that although they are a block of so from me they refused to pick it up. it sits by my door till I throw it away.

Now they say it is not the tuner, but the early termination they are charging me for. All this is 5 years later. They are ruining my credit. I filed chap 7 and they did not bother me till it was discharged and I need to rebuild my credit. Had I known they would do this I would have put their bill into the chap 7.

They never sent me a bill but a threat from an attorney to destroy my credit. I did never have their install or service for I objected from before it was finished. They do not care about satisfying customers. They entrap them. They must be so hard up for business to have to entrap a customer for their service is not attracting them.

They pray on senior citizens who can’t see their screen and try to destroy them. what a nice company. Do not trust these people. Their advertising is a lie ad they have not customer satisfaction nor do they obey the law giving three days to rescind a contract.

They did not record my call that day or the next but only a month later when I had TWC install re their equipment. I verbally cancelled within the legal time Make sure you put it in writing and send it overnight if you want to cancel with them. I talked to everyone I was allowed to talk to. Of course you can’t talk to the owner.

I thought Vivent was bad entrapping me in a verbal conversation but then I did not sign anything. The extension with Vivent was only verbal and the contract with Dish was signed being tricked to say I just received the install. I was not told I was signing a contract for x no of time. They just wanted to trap me and use me and abuse me and then push me by destroying my credit. Even dell allows you a period of time to test a product before you cannot return it.

These people are sharks. Do not get entangled with them or believe the low prices quoted for their packages unless you just want the news.

They left a dish on my roof and I want it taken down. It is an eyesore. I demand they take down the dish and leave me alone. They have picked the wrong person to wrong. They think because I am in debt and old they can control me. I will one day get their box taken to fedex for I don’t want anything of theirs around my house.

They owe me apology and one man there said they would clear my account but the person called Nicole in the president’s office threatened me. In court I would win. I did not agree to their install verbally. They forced me to sign saying it was to say they came to do their job. They also heard me complain I did not like the service immediately. As did dish. But they had me because I caceled verbally and not in writing within three days I should have sent my nurse to them with a letter canceling the next day.

Don’t ever make change when you are sick and not able to discern when you are being entrapped

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