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I have been kicked from eBay 1 year ago with no chance of appeal. eBay has made it where sellers are on the losing end, when it comes to disputes and any issues where buyers can take advantage.

Countless emails and phone calls were made to eBay to demand on why I had no appeal. I had all evidence that many of the buyers were fraudulent and ripped me off by sending me a different product back in order to prove to eBay their end was fulfilled.

With no success on an appeal, this was the last of it. I had no way of making money since eBay consisted over 50% of total income.

They left me no choice, but I had to go rogue and sell again. Whether eBay likes it or not, they created this route for their unjust ways of handling fraud towards sellers and ridiculous policies.

Going stealth from what is listed at Auction Essistance consists of opening another account; however, I have a business and have employees to operate these accounts whether eBay likes it or not, it is legal.

The fraud going behind closed doors at eBay is unbelievable. Many sellers have reported being scammed and taken advantage of from buyers. Has eBay done anything? No. With their policy of money back guarantee, who knows what the buyers will try to thieve you out of no matter the cost.

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