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I called last Tuesday (4/11/17) to pay my bill, I learned that I had been kicked out of the system because someone requested service at my address. I called and spoke customer service rep1, then I called my landlord and found the person name whom started the services and he informed that I still live there. Of course the she was sorry.

Then I called back and spoke with customer service rep 2, he created me another account number and someone will call me back in 24-48 hours to complete the request.

Something told me call back later on that day and I spoke with customer service rep 3, which she told me that I will need to pay the remaining balance and deposit (which is higher than what I paid before), since the account was taken out of my name the balance went toward the bill. But someone will call me within 24-48 hours to complete.

Ok 24-48 hours rolls by, no phone call, so I call on Friday (4/14/17) and the office were closed. I called back today (4/17/17) and spoke with customer service rep 4 (she was so amazing and very helpful) she was the only smart enough to let know me know I needed to call Equifax to verify my ID.

So I did that and call Duke Energy back as requested. I spoke and spoke with customer service rep 5 (which he was not very helpful at all) he asked if I were ready to take care of the balance and the deposit. I informed him that I was told that deposit was going to be billed and possibly be lowered and to me he was talking out of the side of his mouth, So I asked for his manager. He proceed to say that there is no manager there and that they are pretty much the same as title wise. I said to him there is someone over you and I want them now. Of course I was placed on hold again.

I spoke with customer service rep 6, she was kind and sorry that this has happen, and placed me on hold again this time it was longer and then she proceed to help me. They wanted my money, but I said to her what I am I paying on and there is nothing in my name. So I am not giving no money do you understand me. She stated that this do not happen often, but maybe the person provided the wrong address and by law they have to provide services the address requested. They do not have no way of knowing who live there and moved out.

Well I feel that should do a better job on checking the information. If someone would have called 24-48 hours as stated then I would have known to call Equifax last week and had my part taken care of… Its that simple to stop someone’s services.

Someone needs to pay close attention, I am sure that no one wants to pay for something that they are receiving. I don’t know what she will do once she found out, but she going to have a mess on her hands. There is nothing that can be really done about Duke Energy, its a free for them and we are the ones that have to put with it, like it or not.

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