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Have had this internet and phone service for probably 2 or 3 years. The internet works fine – no complaints there. But the phone service is awful! At LEAST ten times since I have had this service the phone service has just died – no calls could be made or received. And when it dies, it dies for days at a time.

Calling the customer service help desk to report the outage is a joke because the teenagers who answer the phone just don’t care.

Today they told me that “yeah we’ve been getting a lot of calls about that, but our tech guys don’t work on weekends. Maybe they can get to it in Monday”. I actually had to insist that they guy open up my specific account number to notate that my account was down, or else he wasn’t even going to do that. Their attitude is basically “yeah, that sucks for you”.

Last night my neighbor across the street from me saw prowlers in my yard and tried to call and warn me, but guess what? He couldn’t get through to me. My other neighbor told us that he was considering switching to AtLink telephone and I told him not to.

This is the last straw – I am going to find a new phone provider.

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