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Last night, I walked up to the main manager at the Cozad, Nebraska Dollar Store and asked her if she has any cardboard boxes I can have. She said just a minute, then, used her finger to motion come here. So, I followed her. She told her co-worker that I was stalking her. I panicked and told her co-worker she said to follow her for the cardboard boxes. False accusation from the manager with long dark hair.

Then, this morning, the lady with the short light hair when I asked for a pack of Eagles and didn’t understand became aggressive and very angry with me when all I was trying to do was understand her. Due to her intimidating and angry voice/behavior….I told her “I don’t like your attitude” and I walked out.

Then, tonight, I walked in for a gallon of Milk. This lady, I know….Tanya. Tanya told me as I paid for the milk, that, if I ever tell one of her employees again that I don’t like their attitude, I will be banned for life from every Dollar Stores.

So, I file this complaint against three employees at the Cozad Dollar store in Nebraska. The manager with the long dark hair lied about what really happened. She set me up.

These three are always rude to me with attitude problems. It is common ethics to treat customers with politeness and smile. Not have an attitude problem with anger and make false accusations, set up customers, etc. One more false accusation, one more attitude from these three, I will file a civil lawsuit against Dollar General.

They lie and twisted around crap. I speak the truth. How can I be threatened with eternal banishment when I was nice and that lady snapped at me angrily when I didn’t understand her and I merely told her I don’t like her attitude and walked out? Since when do humans have to stand there and accept the nasty attitude? I was nice then she became aggressive with the attitude. And Tanya told me if I tell her employee again I don’t like her attitude, I will be banned from every Dollar Store for life.

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