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As a Senior citizens we have become targets for numerous businesses that exploit and feed off our trusting nature. Dish network is probably one of the worst businesses out there today, guilty of this. Do you know the old saying “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is”? Well this is true of Dish Network. All the TV adds and the hype from Dish, lies all lies.

My question is how do they get away with it? I guess when you become a Corporate Giant, you can do pretty much can do what ever you want to. Who can afford to go up against them and win.

My husband and I decided to try them they when they made it sound like we were getting a great deal. They sent a young man to our camper to install the wiring and set up the equipment, it wasn’t until after he left that we found all the damage. He had drilled into the slide out of our 5th wheel camper to hook up the wiring outside.

So we have to take it all apart every time we bring in the slide out, for the winter. He also drilled into the bathroom wall and left big screw points sticking out in the bathroom. My husband and I tried our best to make the repairs as best we could. It has affected the value of our camper as you can imagine.

The worst part of our experiences with Dish, was when we got the unexpected increase in our bill. They had talked us into paying our bills on our credit cards, actually they left that as the only option of payment. We couldn’t afford Dish Network at that price.

My husband called the billing department to try to resolve the issue. He became very upset as the conversation went on, the lady on the other end, a Dish customer service representative, more or less said to bad you have to pay the bill. My husband told her we would have to end our services with Dish. Then she threatened to charge us with an unbelievable disconnect bill. My husband again told her we couldn’t afford this price hike. Again she threatened us, she didn’t care that we were seniors nor that I am disabled. He told her to send us the bill no more charges on our credit card, we were done.

My husband disconnected everything and we didn’t hear from them for weeks. He called them to ask where to send the equipment, they told us they would send us a box to mail it back. It was over a month so he called again and again they said they would mail a box.
We waited for months for the bill to come and nothing came. Every month we checked the credit card bill, nothing from Dish.

Now I am getting harassing phone calls from a man saying he was from a collecting agency demanding money for our Dish bill. I was so upset I didn’t know if he worked for Dish or if he was a conman trying to get our credit card number.

My husband call Dish and talked to a Customer Service Rep. she spoke very broken English, when asked where she was, she replied, she was in the Philippines. No wonder our accounts are such a mess. We found out that they added on an additional year to our contract so we have to pay additional money to end the contract. So we again ask them to mail us our bill.

Please think twice before getting Dish and check out all of the customer complaints they are very eye opening. It is unfortunate that it will cost us hundreds of dollars to learn a valuable lesson. Big businesses can go on TV and lie and no one will help you when you get scammed by them, regardless of your age, your disability or your income…

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