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My mother has been a long time AT&T customer. My family and I were told that if we get Direct tv and link it with her AT&T account, the cell bill would be discounted and we would get unlimited data. Initially, I gave my mom’s social and they said she needed to put down a $250 deposit then changed it to $380. I asked why, they said something was on her credit report. I knew it was a lie and went to AT&T and they found nothing wrong with her credit.

I called Directv and again asked about the special and no deposit was needed. I was given a set up day for instillation. We had the service for about 5 months and I had a late bill. No one watches Direct Tv because while waiting for installation, I got Netflix and Hulu, so I had actually forgotten about the service, after a few months. I received a box from Directv and was confused why I received it.

Long story short, I owed for 2 months. The bill was sent to my mom in another state versus the norm of sending it to me as I have the service in another state and paid the previous bills. This was another reason why I forgot about Direct tv. She sent me the bill for $785.

I called Directv was told the past due was $201, pay it and service would be restored. No one watches it but I have a two year commitment so I paid it. The rest of the bill was null and void as I still used the same equipment and did not get a new account.

On that bill they indicated they would use a card on file. I asked how the card was on file as I didn’t give permission. She told me that’s their practice and it’s for the customer’s convenience. I told her I never keeps cards on file because it’s for the company’s convenience to charge me when they feel like it and told her to remove it, she refused. I told her if that was their policy then I should have been notified before service so that I could refuse instillation.

My mom called a month later saying she had a collection bill for $585 on her credit report. I called directv we went over the bill and again, I did not owe them anything. She put me on hold to clear the collection.

One month later, they wanted $388 for that same $785 bill, again I called.

Then it changed to $241, again I called. I was told it would be corrected, my service is downgraded as I refuse to pay it. I went on chat, We went over that same bill again. I was told it would be expedited and the correct people will call me. I have received no call to take care of it but I am still being billed. I explained on chat i will pay what is due for service but I am not paying on that bill I do not owe.

In between all this mess, Directv took it upon themselves to give me premium service when I only signed up for basic and charged me for the premium. I asked how is it they can give me what they want versus what I asked for. That was corrected but my other problem hasn’t been corrected.

I am sending my equipment back and cancelling the service. I find them to be dishonest with dirty practices.

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