Another $200 gift card victim - DIRECTV

Add me to the list of people who got screwed out of their $200 gift card. Customer service is horrible…

You have to wait 10-15 minutes just to speak to anyone, and when they finally answer, they will either put you on hold and never come back to the phone. Or they will tell you they cannot help you, and have you call another number (then the same if you call that number).

I’ve spent numerous hours on the phone talking to csr about my gift card that they promised me, yet I did not receive it. Only to end with frustration, anger, anxiety, and no resolution every time.

I was told by several csr in mid-late March that my gift card was mailed on March 11th. But today, April 3rd. I spoke with 2 csr and they both said that there is no record of any gift cards and that there is nothing that they can do.

They are liars and I will be cancelling both my DTV and ATT wireless asap.


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This also happened to us. I called both AT&T and Direct TV and got the run around from both. They kept giving me different numbers to call for both places and most of the time I couldn’t understand the person. They also told me the first times I called that it hadn’t been long enough, but it was on our record that we would be getting it. So, when I called back again to both places they told me that there was nothing on our record showing we were eligible for the $200.00 and besides that it would have expired… Read more »

I have been going thru the same thing with my 200 dollar gift card. did an on line chat and they said it was registered, but when I called later they said it didn’t show registered, I tried several time and it wouldn’t let me. called back and she said she would do it from there. Called later and they didn’t show it anywhere. So apparently wont get it. What ever happened to honor what you promise.


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