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I regularly received offers from DirectTV/ATT to receive a $200 Visa Reward Card if I switched from my current cable company to DirectTV. I did so, but the minute I agreed to service, suddenly, no one seemed to know anything about the reward any longer. Although it was supposedly noted on my account, the reward mysteriously couldn’t be found.

I searched online, and I saw the same consumer story over and over. I threatened a law suit and demanded the card offered. The response was a lot of blustering mumbo jumbo without saying anything concrete – clearly a scam. I was not about to let it go.

Well, I didn’t get the reward card, but they did credit my account for $200 (assuming the credit doesn’t mysteriously disappear). Initially, I was actually happy with the new service, but this experience has not only turned me off from DirectTV, but I am also very unhappy with ATT as well.

In fact, I plan to change service from both companies as soon as I can. I can’t see how a company can advertise this and get away with not paying. I think a class action lawsuit should be filed. Some people I read about didn’t even get a credit.

False advertising. Fraud.

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If anyone out there wants to start a class action suit against Direct TV and AT&T please COUNT ME IN!!!. Usually I read reviews on everything before purchasing but didn’t think I had to confirm this $200 gift card would be a scam marketed by these two industry giants.

Why hasn’t someone done more to stop them???


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