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The Diamond Resorts International sales people talked us into converting a fixed week into Diamond Resorts International points system and told us our yearly costs would not change much from what we were previously paying. Costs went from $1000 to nearly $4000 a year to own this timeshare week. That is after the $50K+ paid for the timeshare (original costs plus going into the points system). I feel victimized because I can’t afford to go from $1000 to $4000 a year in fees.

We should have stayed with Interval International fixed week and not the Diamond Resorts International points. The sales people also told us that the yearly fee – again it sounded like one fee – was typically lower than the old fee associated with the fixed week. They tried to tell us it was averaged out over all the Diamond resorts as a maintenance fee. Now, I find out that is all a lie. There are multiple fees.

The sales people did not explain that there was an additional cost for points and even more costs for converting to points. I’m in a state of shock. Honestly, I could pay for a Rick Steves guided tour every year for what I’ll be paying with Diamond. And the points expire every 24 months but wait… I just read it maybe 18 months. And all of this points system is confusing and more bothersome to maintain.

I used to own Marriott and never had a problem. Diamond is no Marriott. Marriott would never mislead their customers like this. Marriott points don’t expire. I wish my friend had not wanted to buy in Virginia Beach which is how we got stuck with Gold Key who then became Diamond.

I did make a verbal complaint. One Diamond person said “you signed the contract” and “you should have known what was in it.” The second Diamond person in the Hospitality Center was kind – However, can I trust her after what happened with the sales.

Speaking of sales. After five hours of listening to the sales people, I trusted them. My huge mistake. Oh, the sales person also introduced me to a guy who showed me his account in the Customer Center that said such wonderful things and talked about how you could get four-eight weeks on the cheap. He and the salesman were supposedly on his personal site in the Customer Center. I wonder if the guy was even real or another sales rep in jeans.

Someone at the top is making big bucks on this dreadful system. DO NOT BUY INTO DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL POINTS SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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