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On July 10 my grandchildren were removed from our home. i was out of state working, my daughter was home taking care of the children. She got in a argument with the youngest boys father, things escalated, she texted some very bad things. Hence police were called, also CPS.

They removed the children from their cribs, they were both sleeping at the time. One child went to the grandmother’s, the other to my nieces’ at which time, 10 hours later, was removed and placed in foster care, where he remains.

I’ve asked for him to be placed with me, his grandfather. I have the means to take care of him as well as fulfill his needs. The case worker involved does nothing except fights this out of spite. The guardian ad litem was also my attorney in getting full custody of my daughter in 1997. I believe that to be a conflict of interest.

I’ive passed home study’s, background checks, but still my grandson is in foster care for 7 months now. They continue to tell me grandparents have no rights in Michigan.

Teresa Ludimen is the case worker in this case. Also Robert Judici is the guardian ad litem. There is no compassion for this case. children or mother or grandfather. I have the transcripts verbatim, which I’ve purchased, completely outlining this case.

Once again – this case was on a text message during an argument between my daughter and my youngest grandson. Yes my daughter texting some bad things, but since this has happened, at one point Robert Judici filed a motion to suspend my daughters visits, which were through child and family services, through the u-p. Which they did suspend them for 3 weeks. It cited that the youngest boy should not traveling from Appleton Wisc to Marquette Michigan because he should not be traveling 3 hours each way to see his mother. He was one month old at this time.

We filed a grievance, through that outcome my daughter would get a new case worker there which she did for a week and a half.

Then Teresa Ludimen went to work at dhs in marquette county, and the same week my grandsons cases were sent to dhs and once again Teresa Ludemen was the case worker.

The guardian ad litem is suppose to see these children before each and every hearing. He has not. He is supposed to file written statements concerning these children, which he has not.

It has become a personal vendetta against my daughter between the 2 of them. When in all rights it is suppose to be in the best interest of the children. Also Teresa ludemen has been caught lying on the stand, at which time she said one thing daughters lawyer said he would need to be a witness because he was there and knew her statements to be false. The guardian ad litem said he was badgering the witness. The judge simply said we get your point Mr. Hyde.

So once again judicial immunity saved them.

Sincerely Dennis M Lyons

DHS-CPS Marquette County michigan – 232 Barage Ave Marquette Michigan 49855 | 906-228-9691

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