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Usually I’m very mellow and carefree which in turn tends to make me less likely to snap or become irritated. But then I guess there is always a first. First of all if your reading this complaint let it be known that this is written in my own view and I would never try to influence anyone to do something on a review that I post, but I wouldn’t recommend this company as a wireless cell provider to my worst enemy.

If it is possible please try other companies or in my case I much rather have no phone at all before I use cricket. I have used all cell phone companies and they all have issues but by far cricket is the worse. I still have service with this company but will be moving my business to someone else.

OK here is my story of should I say facts. I been with cricket for over a year and have three lines. One for myself, wife and father. I have the same plan for all three lines which should tell me that my bill should be the same for all three plans right? will no that no longer true. It started out that way and over time it has change in small increments where I guess they think I wouldn’t catch it, but being a career army officer I catch everything that is a change.

Anyway the original plan was basic unlimited plan with talk , txt and data for 30.00 per month. Will now that its a year into it, it has change to 30.00 for one 40.00 for the second line and 57.00 for the third.

Next, since I have auto pay for all three lines I guess they thought I would never catch it but I did. After research and crickets ads for auto pay save 5.00 per month. Will I called them on it and I was transferred time and time again to CSR that I couldn’t understand. Finally after I found one that I could understand the rep for cricket explained it as since I’m one that is on the contract and its auto pay this should have been in effect.

Well, after several months later after no getting the credit for auto pay I called back and asked to talk to the agent that told me that I would be credited for it. And the hits just keep on rolling right? It gets better folks. The rep no longer works there because of…? Guess…?

Well, after being transferred again, I later find out because its not three separate lines by three separate people then I wasn’t going to get the 5.00 credit for auto pay. Can you say false advertisement. I tried to get it off auto pay and now was told that if I did i would be charge a fee for this. Now my blood pressure is rising. But wait it gets better LOL I asked them about why my three lines all have different amounts for billing.

I was hung up on. I called back and no one could answer this so I ask for a manager to explain and to no prevail they didn’t have an answer. Well I calculated it with all the changes and I figure it to be over $1,200.00 in overcharges, along with the dropped calls, phone locking up, and other bad services.

I hope that people will look elsewhere and not give cricket wireless any business. Oh by the way the are a sub of AT&T.

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