I ordered contacts for me and my son with CooperVision based on the rebate they were offering. I filled out the forms, mailed them in on time and received a rebate reward card (prepaid visa) for both orders. One card was for $50.00 and the other was for $65.00. I placed the cards in my wallet and they got shuffled in the mix.

Upon finding the cards, I tried to use them immediately only to be told they had expired. EXPIRED? It’s a rebate, it should be like a paper check or paper money, it doesn’t expire.

That is where they get around the law, the money doesn’t expire but they are entitled to deduct a $3 ‘fee’ for EACH month the card is not used after the expiration date, and then you have to call to have another card issued and they deduct ANOTHER $6.95 per card to reissue the card.

So MY rebate, MY money went from $115.00 to $74.10, that’s right, $40.90 they KEPT of MY money.

CooperVision – 209 High Point Dr #100 Victor New York 14564 | 855-526-6737

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