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I too got scammed by Coopervision rebates. By reports online, this has been happening for a while. Why does it continue? Because not enough people know about the scam until it is too late, so this is still a healthy business practice for the company’s bottom line. How do we change this?

1. Help prompt legal action

File complaints with the attorney general in the state of CA and the state in which the rebate processing arm of Coopervision operates, currently Texas.

While state attorney generals do no get involved in individual disputes, they track the quantity and frequency of complaints against an entity, and the volume of scammed Coopervision rebate customers should be enough to warrant action if enough will report.

CA State AG Complaints against businesses

Cooper Companies
6140 Stoneridge Mall Rd Ste 590
Pleasanton, CA 94588-3772
(925) 460-3600

TX State AG Complaints against businesses

Current Rebate Processing Address (may change, check your rebate form for latest)

Coopervision Rebate
PO BOX 540062
El Paso, TX 88554-0062

2. Make the scam visible

Tell your optometrist why you are no longer going to buy Coopervision products and request prescriptions for alternative brands. This will get passed from your doctor up the Coopervision sales channels, providing a rationale for declining sales that should merit attention within the company.

Leave reviews on complaints sites, warn your conact lens wearing friends, and file complaints and reviews with the BBB. BBB links may change so if the links below no longer are valid, go to the BBB site for the region and search on the company entity. E.g. search for the Cooper Companies on the San Francisco BBB site.

Greater San Francisco BBB link

To File:

Go to and click on “Start Your Complaint”

Is the business in the United States or Canada? – Yes

Your complaint involves a: – business’s advertising

What type of advertising is your complaint about? – advertising (truth and accuracy of pricing or other claims)

Answer the question regarding your service history (thank you for you service!) and click Next

Search for: Coopervision, leave In: blank, then click Search

Under “The Cooper Companies” click the plus + next to “Review for Multiple Locations”. You’ll see the Victor, NY location is grouped here, which is the listed HQ for Coopervision. You do not have an option to file a complaint specifically for Coopervision, so click the “Select” button on the right for “The Cooper Companies”. In a popup, choose the “Select” button next to the Victor, NY location. Click “Continue”. You will now be transferred to the greater San Francisco BBB to file your complaint.

Click “Click Here to File a Complaint”, answer No to all the questions, then click Proceed, and file your complaint.

You may also file a complaint against the rebate arm of Coopervision, although it seems to change addresses. There is a BBB link in Coppell, TX for Coopervision rebates, although the current rebate forms list El Paso as the mailing address. While Coopervision and the Cooper Companies may try to distance themselves from the problem by saying they outsource rebate processing, it would be disingenuous to say that they are not aware of the problem (filing complaints with the parent company also helps prove this), and they therefore appear to condone these ethics.

3. Stop buying Coopervision products. There are alternatives.

For CooperVision Representatives or Owners

Respond To This Complaint Complaint Removal

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