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I contracted Tate Publishing to publish my Children’s Book. They were so helpful at first, couldn’t call me enough until they received payment in full of $3,600.00. I wrote the book and illustrated and had the entire book laid out.

The contract was- they would publish the book and the $3600.00 I paid was for marketing, which never happened.

It took them over a year to get it printed and I was sent from one person to the next and sent so many very bad layouts that am 7 year old Grandson could have done better.

After two years they finally got it right, but the marketing never happened. They kept wanting me to buy my own books and sell them myself, for me to go to the different venders and sell my book.

I am an older single woman who lives along and supports myself. $3,600 is a very big deal and this Company was suppose to be a Christian based Company, REALLY.

I received an email several months ago requesting I sign a release of Contract with them. I do not intend to sign a release and let them off the hook, I want reimbursed for breech of Contract.

I feel a class action suit should be brought against Tate Publishing.

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