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CJ Banks issued me a credit card, but I only ever had the paper copy issued at the register. I used that number when I set up my online banking.

Later, in Store, I went to purchase something more in conjunction with a modeling gig, and they issued another number. I paid each bill in full before the due date, but to the wrong account. They started calling the account overdue.

I NEVER received a statement for the other card that said it had a credit balance.

The number is listed as UNKNOWN so I didn’t answer for a week. When I did they said I was late.

I called Comenity early 5/6/17 spoke with Steven, who could see both accounts and the amount credited in one matched the other outside of the late fees. I asked the money be transferred, the first account shut down, and the fees waived.

Steven waved the fees but apparently didn’t do any transfer because immediately I started getting calls.

This time I talked to another person who couldn’t find any record of the prior conversation. She shunted me off to a Tidra who could only complain that I was being rude to her (really!?).

She insisted I pay from a debit account and then call the bank back to have the first account closed and the money refunded (7-10) days.

Imagine that – a bank that can’t do transfers! End result; we canceled both cards and won’t be doing business with CJBanks or any company backed by Comenity again.

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