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First, let me say this complaint is not about the money. The amount in question is less than $100 – it’s about the situation. Here is my story:

November, 2016 – received a bill for around $70 for purchases I made at an Ann Taylor store

– I (within a day or two) logged into the account to pay the bill since this is the ONLY credit card we have that does NOT have autopay. We pay all of the other credit cards off in full through autopay. I submitted a payment for the full balance.

January, 2016 (1st week) – we arrived back from our Christmas Holiday and picked up our mail. There was a bill from Comenity Bank (Ann Taylor) indicating that my $70ish payment was not received. They also added a $30 late fee and interest charges.

I immediately called customer service to let them know about the mistake. (My husband was in the car with me). I don’t remember the exact day, but it was early January. I spoke with a curt customer service rep who told me that while their records indicated that I HAD logged into the account, that the payment didn’t go through. I very nicely asked them to remove the interest charges and late fees and I would pay the bill immediately. I was told that they would not remove the fees or late charge and I told them that I would l hate to need to close my account over $32ish. They told me that they could do nothing for me. I closed the account and immediately paid the bill for the amount of my purchase ($70ish). I told them I was not responsible for the $30 late fee or interest charges.

I immediately sent (January, 2017) two emails out outlining my situation. One to Comenity Bank and another to Ann Taylor. I heard back from Ann Taylor within 24 hours, but have yet to hear back from Comenity Bank.

I have received several bills where they are adding $30 each month as well as interest. (My husband who is an attorney says that this is a bad business practice where they keep adding interest and late fees on top of late fees and interest to get the balance up high enough to send it to a court. Typically people cannot show up and a summary judgement is made against them and they are required to pay a high bill.)

On March 10 around noon eastern, I received a call from a VERY rude man (they need to listen to this call). My friend and her husband overheard the entire conversation and were shocked at how he spoke to me. I explained the situation and he told me he would ruin my credit rating (which is over 800) if we didn’t “work something out”. I asked him what that would be because I didn’t owe them anything since I logged in and made the payment well ahead of the due date, but the system didn’t take it. He never did give me an option nor would he listen to situation. He must be compensated by how much he is able to recoup. He tried to intimidate me and actually raised his voice to me on several indications and did not let me finish one sentence. Some of his comments were:

– If you made the payment on the due date, it’s still late since it takes 48 hours to process the payment (that seems odd and shady since I had been scheduling the payments on the due date for years without an issue). I also told him that I scheduled the payment weeks ahead of the actual due date.

– He raised his voice to me when I told him that I thought I was the customer and said that I won’t listen to him.

– There were many other poor business practices. I think I asked for a supervisor and he ignored me. When he started yelling at me and threatening me, I told him to put me on the do not call list and when he didn’t stop shouting at me, I hung up.

I agree with my husband’s assessment., that something shady is going on and they are trying to get the balance up high enough to go to court. I think everyone should send a letter to their CEO, David R. Misch and copy Ann Taylor’s (or Victoria’s Secret, etc.) CEO as well as file a claim with the Better Business Bureau in Delaware.

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