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I have a cable line across my yard that is not in the easement area, and I am putting a pool in. I called 6 times to get this moved and management was no help. And I set app for 12 hrs wait time, to sit around.

At 430 pm they had not come. I called and was told they are coming and at 930 pm.

I called and was told they are coming; and then when I told manager that they had 12hrs and no one came, he said I was top of list for Friday morning.

Friday no one came. I called back at 10am, talked to another manager and she said they came and was here 5 min. But I never left, so I told them – no one came.

She threaten me that I can not cut or move their line, and I told her it needs to be moved. She set an appt for Sat for 3-5:00pm thinking I was going to wait.

Their tech came at 4:45 Sat to fix cable, and when I showed him he took a pic and said he will call his manager. And he got in his truck and left.

No work.

So now, after 96 hrs of waiting on them, it is still in my yard and no one has called or moved the line at all, and it is not in the right place.

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