3 Adults arrived around 6PM on a Saturday night at Cold Springs Ky BOB EVANS. Waitress came to table to get drink orders,given and then food orders were given and “Kennedy” said Oh, I don’t have my paper. She turned around and left.

She returned in 10 mins. with drinks, no straws and took food order.

Beef gravy ordered instead of white gravy, with country fried steak, with extra boat of beef gravy ordered.

10 mins later straws brought with salads and veg. soup (which usually is great but this time was mostly large chunks of potatoes and no broth).

15 min later entree brought with white gravy.

10 min later extra gravy brought with dinner rolls.

I think she needs more training; plus I heard her ask for extra gravy at window and cooks ignored her.

POOR TEAMWORK! Not an enjoyable dinner. I will not be in a hurry to return.

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