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On Friday April the 7th, 2017 I went to one of my friends mother house who is of the age 80. We were sitting outside in her garden and just enjoying the evening. A lil while later she decided that she wanted some Blue Bell cherry vanilla ice cream her favorite. A few minutes later she called me to come inside and see. I asked her what’s wrong she said I don’t know and said try this.

So I started to eat some of that ice cream. The next second, I swallowed something and felt some hard pieces in my mouth and spit out what was left in my mouth. I asked her what is this, she did not know her self.

Next I took what was left from the bowl to poor it in the to drain because of the ice cream it was at first not visible to us just felt it its was hard.

I was rinsing and cleaning what was in the sink, it started to become more visible and to me it looked like little clear class or some type of hard clear plastic pieces. One of them or 2, I’m still not sure which one it is. We also rinsed out what was left in the ice cream container and more came out.

I video taped everything and took pictures of everything,we also kept all the lil pieces that we collected from the blue bell ice cream container and put it in a zip lock bag.

I’m in need of some advised what to do about this. Or what we should do? I mean this is not OK or acceptable, for people to have this in there ice cream and eat this and hurt they self. Help!

For Blue Bell Ice Cream Representatives or Owners

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