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So i went yesterday to place an order at Mcdonalds Goodwood for our staff. We usually do each and every month, this time around we tried Mcdonalds, and we all decided on the same order, which was the new promotion meals of R30 te elepeno Double & Bbq Double meals.

When i got to the store, the cashier with an attitude as well, says “sorry our cool drinks are all flat as well as warm, so you can pay an extra R6 to add for a powerade or juice. Like What? How does that become my problem?

On top of that she is insisting me to pay extra for the drinks, or she can just ring the normal meal and we will not get any cool drink with our meal but pay the full amount… Like Hello, very unprofessional and not the customers fault.

I left that store very upset and decided to rather go to Steers, where we got our food very quick and satisfied wit the product.

First time I experience this from Mcdonalds. And not to mention, Its a new store that only opened last year.

Mcdonalds – Cnr Vasco Boulevard & Solly Schmidt Rd Goodwood 7460 Cape Town South Africa

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