Baconator is NOT what they say - Wendy’s

I went to Wendys for a baconator with SIX slices of bacon like the tv ad says. Turns out they give you 3 slices, cut in half, if not 2 slices cut into thirds.

I do not understand how every business in the country can lie, cheat, and steal, and nothing happens to them. Where is the state attorney general these days? It is not as if this sort of thing is not on the news every day. Company after company rips off the consumer and ONLY if it is made public do they fix the problem and walk away.

If i robbed someone and get caught, I do not get to return the money and go home, me and you will go to jail. This is America.

Please President MR TRUMP, put an end to this.

Wendy’s – Newtown Pennsylvania 18940

For Wendy’s Representatives or Owners

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