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I am in CA and ordered a huge floral arrangement for my brother’s funeral in Georgia. I thought I was calling a local florist as i looked up the phone number for a florist in Warner Robins, Ga. I even asked if this was the local shop I was speaking with and he said Yes. The website said it was family owned. They show a 4.7 star rating on their website. (3 big lies)

They took my $300+ order and confirmed (via their floral arranger and delivery person) to me it would be delivered to the church the next day.

It never arrived.

Trying to talk to a real person with this company is extremely difficult, I was on hold over 20 minutes. When I finally did get a ‘person’, they said they were the customer service department in New Jersey! You can never speak to the florist shop directly, they wouldn’t give the phone number to the local shop.

These horrible people could barely speak English and hard to understand. She tried to tell me they would still send the flowers to my “poor sister in law to show her how much I cared”. I said NO WAY, the funeral is over and I am not paying for their scam.

Fortunately I paid via Am. Express and disputing the charge was easy. These people are heartless, rude and ugly. My sister and I found there were thousands of complaints against Avas Flowers on Yelp and other compliant sites. I hope these people burn in hell for all the heartbreak they have caused so many people as I read the stories.

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