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On Saturday February 25th I ordered a lovely flower arrangement, full size card and chocolates to be delivered to Grandma. We live clear across the country so after checking on line, we though we had found a local florist who could fill our order. After placing a $92.92 order with Ava’s Flowers, we were assured that it would be delivered by 7pm and that we would receive a text message when the order was fulfilled.

A hour or so later, I noticed that Ava’s Flowers had called but no message was left. When I returned the call, I was told that there was no florist in the area that could fill the order. (First clue they were not local.) We agreed on substituting flowering plant to be delivered that day.

Next morning there is no message indicating delivery so one again I call Ava’s Flowers. “Mike” informs me that UPS won’t deliver to Grandma’s apartment building. He offers to cancel the order and request actual delivery from a “florist” and delivery is scheduled for Monday by 7pm.

Tuesday morning, no confirmation. A subsequent call to Ava’s is mind boggling: my order number has been cancelled and there is no record of my subsequent order. Checking my incoming messages, I find a short text message stating that my order is under a new number.

Fine! Customer “service” checks that number. My name is misspelled which is why she couldn’t find the new order. She informs that my order is due to go out Wednesday by 7pm via UPS. Despite my patient, clear explanation that we’ve already tried this and that UPS does not deliver to Grandma’s building, the agent insists that UPS won’t take an order delivery unless they can make the actual delivery.

After placing me on hold for the umpteenth time, she comes back to say that the order is “in transit” for today and they will, cross their heart, hope to die, let me know the status of the order by the end of the day.

By this point, patience is wearing thin and I ask what are my options are if they DON’T make the delivery today. She assures me that Ava’s Flowers would be happy to give me a company credit that i can use later. Ummm, that’s not an option, I explain. She offers a full refund. I ask if this can be noted directly on the order so that the next “customer service person” will have a record of this. She assures me that it has.

So it is now day 4 and Grandma’s birthday has come and gone, I’m out almost 100 bucks. Before I have a chance to hang up a customer service survey begins. I would love to give a response, but strangely enough, after being told to pressing #1 if I’m satisfied and #2 if I’m not, I told, “I’m sorry, I did not understand your response” when I press #2. Shocking!

Waiting with bated breath to see if Grandma gets her goodies. Happy Birthday Grandma, NOT!

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