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I moved to Ohio December 23, 2015. I started school the following month. There was no internet where I was living, so I opted for AT&T Uverse since Time Warner Cable was a bit pricey. I had AT&T start their service in February 2016. I somehow ended up with DirecTV instead of Uverse. Okay, fine. Everything is installed and I’m loving everything. No problem.

Fast forward to September 2016. For reasons, we had to move. We moved to a different city. Upon setting up my electricity, they sent me to “All Connect”. Told them I needed my services transferred. I figured everything was going to be done correctly.

When I met the Uverse guy at my apartment, he had me sign up for a new account. I thought it was standard procedure, but I also have never done this before, so I didn’t know.

As I’m logging in my account using my app, I realized I still had the other account as “Active”. “What?” my thoughts. I noticed that on my new account, I had a charge of $449.00 that was deducted from my checking account. These charges were NEVER authorized. I was never made aware of them.

So I call what seems to be a billion times, in reality like 6. No one knew what CR meant. It stands for Credit Management Fee. The lady I was talking with told me that they always take that amount of money out when opening up a new account so they could check the credit first and that it gets refunded as soon as my credit gets checked.

This is about a month later when I finally talk to her. I told her that it was never refunded and that my other account was still open and I needed it closed. She said she would take care of it. Lo and behold, it’s still open a few months later.

I get irritated as I pay my monthly bill, yes I was a few days late, but I also noticed that pesky CR $449 fee tacked on to my account. I keep calling until I talk with someone who is competent and knows what is going on. My other account is STILL open. I give up and take it to a veterans group I’m in on the Illustrious Facebook. I was told that he would put in a note to have someone from separate department contact me. GREAT! Finally, I’m getting somewhere.

I hear back from this department the following day, and he tells me that he can’t cancel my new account, which I requested because I’m just done with AT&T at this point, but he can cancel my old account. I told him I would pay what I rightfully owe. DirecTV contacts me about the cancellation. Everything for my old account is in place, FINALLY. He tells me I need to talk to the Global Fraud Department or some sort.

I call them a couple days later, because I have school and work to worry about also, and they tell me that they can’t really do anything about this stupid CR fee. I get insanely frustrated and after some-odd transfers, I finally get to the person who can cancel my account. They said that because I was late a few months (it happens guys) that they tack on this fee to ensure that they get their money. EVERY time you’re late. I’m just like the rest of the population and live month to month. I was never made aware of this “CR” thing they had. I was never asked to agree to that. NOTHING. I told every person I’ve spoken with after I moved about this CR fee thing, and they NEVER said anything about it, other than, that sucks.

So now, I’m stuck with this huge fee for something I would never have even agreed to. If they had just done the service transfer the right way the first time, and not open another account, I wouldn’t be here. Things happen, I understand, but the person who set it up, never even told me about this, so now I’m out almost $500.00 because of AT&Ts policy of not needing consent about an insane amount of money being taken out after being late, a few days.

If I would have known about this, I would have just asked for the internet, not Uverse as cable is not really a commodity to me at this point in time.

I want this resolved and I don’t feel the need to fork out another dime to this fee.

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