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I have been an AT&T Uverse cable tv, internet and phone service customer for years. Each year I agree to a new 12 month price guarantee that locks in a fixed monthly fee. I would be penalized a financial fee if I were to cancel this agreement early. My current 12 month agreement doesn’t end until this summer 2017.

I just received my new monthly billing statement on 2/21/2017. AT&T raised my monthly fee by $10.64. I assumed this was a mistake.

I logged onto AT&T online and started an online chat session with Alan B. regarding billing questions. He informed me this was a new AT&T price increase even though I had 12 month price agreement that doesn’t end until this summer 2017.

Why can AT&T increase my monthly fee but I would be charged a fee if I ended agreement early? This doesn’t seem to be fair or legal. Please force AT&T to honor agreements or force them to stop any penalty fee for customer that end their agreements early.

AT&T Uverse – Po Box 5014 Carol Stream Illinois 60197

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