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My MIL moved from an active living apartment into a nursing home. I just wanted to move her phone service so that her extended family could reach her. I have now spent untold hours over the last week trying to accomplish this.

I first did an online chat with Suzanne K on 10/27/16. She stated that this would be taken care of and ATT would call back with verification. No call back.

11.1.16 phone call with Neil, who took all of the information and then told me that their system was down and he would need to call me back. No return phone call.

11.2.16 12:30 pm talked with Darlene who seemed to understand what I wanted to do. She said she needed to talk to technical help, put me on hold and then disconnected me.

11.2.16 130 pm I talked with Pao who said his system was down and he would call back. Of course no call back (sound familiar?).

On 11.4.16 I talked to Jaffs (sp?) at 9:30 am. He took all of the information again, and then said he needed to transfer me to technical. I was transferred where I talked to Mari, who put me on hold for so long I went back in the queue and ended up back in customer service with Al. I asked Al to transfer me to a supervisor. He argued with me about that as he said he needed all of the information again before he could transfer me.

I admit at this point my frustration boiled over. I repeatedly told him to put me with a supervisor or hang up the phone, as I was not going through the whole saga again only to be told that they needed to transfer me again. After he told me that a supervisor was not available to speak with him at that time, I hung up.

I then tried a different customer service number TX, where I was handed off about nine times as this one doesn’t handle landlines, this one doesn’t handle IL, only to be routed to an automated service that wanted to schedule a repair call.

My mother in law has not been happy about the move to a nursing home and the only thing she has asked for and looked forward to has been being able to talk on the phone with her also elderly siblings. I cannot get ATT to respond to this request so that I can give her that. How sad is it that she not only has had to give up even more of her independence but also can’t even talk to her family.

I guess if you don’t want an entire bundle from AT&T then you are treated as a bother and not a customer. Just another example of how American Business treats the elderly in this country.

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