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I am a new AT&T customer, under 6 months. I now get the feeling that as a customer, you should feel blessed to have AT&T service. I left Verizon, being a long time customer and transferred 2 lines over, as AT&T was the only cellular company that offered the Windows Mobile phone. The Windows Mobile phone has been the only device that I am able to use due to multiple sclerosis and numbness in the tips of my fingers.

Recently, I have received emails from vendors that their respective apps are being or have been retired from the Windows Phone. These apps include such things as; shot tracker for my injection, Amazon, PayPal, etc.

I contacted AT&T customer service and was informed that as long as I am receiving phone calls and text messages, my phone is functioning. No offer for a solution.

I also contacted the disability department at AT&T to see what they could do to assist me and I was appalled to be told that they only considered being blind or deaf as a valid disability. I was not aware that AT&T discriminates against disabilities.

I followed up with a complaint to the BBB and received a telephone call from AT&T Executive Appeals department. I was informed there was no other solution available except to allow me to pay the phone down to 12 months and do an upgrade to another device.

This has been unacceptable from a customer and disability standpoint. At this point with what I have experienced, nothing less than a full refund for both lines would be acceptable.

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