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I have had satellite service with Directv For over 4 years. They send my bill to Century link for a combined package. My bill has been $56.54 every month. My last bill was $111.00. I first called Century link and inquired why my bill doubled. They told me my Directv bill had doubled. They advised me that I would need to call Directv To find that out.

I called Directv at 1-877-599-1637 and was connected to a computer that wanted to know my problem. When I said it was a billing question the computer advised me to call Century Link. I knew that I was going to get a problem at that point, so I looked up the number and then called, 1-800-531-5000 and got another computer asking me questions.

When I finally got to a human I could not understand what she said her name was. She asked for my phone number. I gave her my home phone number and she looked up my account. She asked what she could do for me? I explained the I was a loyalty customer and that my bill was wrong. That it had doubled this last month and Century Link had told me it was the Directv bill that had doubled. I inquired why. She explained that was the new cost for the package that I had. I explained that I was receiving Life Line and had talked to a representative last week and had been told that if I bundled my Century Link, my Directv, and my cell phone together that my Directv bill would be half price. The phone service was with AT&T.

After talking to that person I contacted AT&T and everything was being set up on the phone. After most everything had been done they, in a questioning voice asked what my zip code was. I told them it was 85143. They asked what state I was in and said AT&T does not have cell service in Arizona. The F.C.C. did not allow them to have cell service in the state. That I needed to contact Verizon for that bundled package.

On April 16th I received a letter from Century Link with the application for Life Line to be filled out. I did that and mailed it out on April 17th. Then on April 18th I called Century Link and spoke with Jeremy. After sorting out several problems in billing and instillation. We got to what he could do for me. We ended up agreeing on a package that was $19.99 for the first month and then $29.99 for the rest of the year. I had paperless billing but did not want auto pay.

I then called Directv and got the typical back yard shuffle. I requested for the Directv employee to spell her name as I could not understand her when she said it. She spelled out T-R-I-X-I-E. I requested to speak to her supervisor and was told that there was no supervisor working. I said that there was and I wanted to speak to that person. Trixie told me it would take a while and she put me on hold.

After 9 minutes a supervisor came on and said her name was Marsha. I explained everything to her and asked what could be done. She told me that nothing could be done and that I had 45 days to pay their bill or they would take legal action. They had my credit card number and would charge my bill on the credit card they had on file.

I then asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me that she was a high up as it goes. I said what about Corporate. She said that was above her but they do not have any more authority than she did.

I asked her for her employee number and she rattled off 100541577 expecting me not to be ready for it that fast. I repeated back 100541577 to her and said is that correct, and she said yes it was. I asked for her last name and she said they were not allowed to give it out. I said that corporate would be able to find her with the employee number. She did not say anything and the line went dead.

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