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We had AtLink Wireless ISP service for nearly 1-1/2 years. Starting with AtLink’s Preferred package (5Mbps-down/3Mbps-up). Due to ongoing speed and connectivity issues, about a year ago, we upgraded to AtLink’s Extreme package (6Mbps-down / 6Mbps-up). AtLink said they could not guarantee 6Mbps all time, but should be able to do 5.1Mbps.

At first, upgrading did resolve speed and connectivity issues. After a while, problems started coming back. Resulting in having to frequently call AtLink or open trouble tickets. AtLink’s responses varied from saying there was nothing wrong, questioning our computers and network, to acknowledging local tower problem, problems between towers, exit point issues, power failures, problems due to storms, hinting at problems with Websites and blaming entire Internet.

Far too many times we saw speeds less than 10% of our package speeds. On several occasions, AtLink support would dismiss reported slow downs by questioning common Websites that provide Upload/Download speed tests. A few times, we ran speed tests at several different Websites and averaged them together to get AtLink support to work speed and connectivity issues.

Recently, due to growth, changes, or problems, AtLink again made changes to their network, this time involving routing. Resulting in us once again seeing overall slow down, and evening to night slowdowns. Because AtLink had previously rebuffed use of Website based speed tests, we setup our own tests through NAS server and a paid professional server.

Over a period of two weeks data was collected 24 hours a day. Out of those weeks several contiguous days were selected, throwing out days where results were or may have been negatively effected. Results were averaged overall all selected days and by hour of those days. During this period AtLink was saying there tests showed no problems, and AtLink did not say anything about hardware / network problems.

Overall average: Download – 68% / Upload – 81% of our package speeds.
Low point*: Download – 25% / Upload – 58% of our package speeds. * Late evening hour averaged over several contiguous days.

When presented with the results showing overall slow downs, roughly 5-hour period of further slow down in speeds, and extreme slow down late evening hour, AtLink blamed it on “Peak Time”. Trying to dismiss “Peak Time” slow down as a problem other ISP’s customers routinely experience. Even when it was pointed out that tests run on paid professional server during those same days via another ISP did not show such slow downs, it did not matter to AtLink.

End result was AtLink chose to terminate our service, instead of trying to resolve ongoing slow downs or charge a fee based on services they could provide.

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