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North Fort Myers, Florida

I am 70 yrs old. Once a month my daughter takes me shopping and I treat her to Arbys.

He said, credit card machine was down. I told him I had a gift card which is real money.

I tried to give him the card with last months balance on the card, which I had the receipt with the card.

He refused to use my card. So I paid for the meals with cash and threw the gift card away on the way out the door.

I won’t be back.

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I have a gift card that I bought for $50. I used it once and had a $39.22 balance on card. When I tried to use it again they told me that there was no balance left on the card. I paid cash and called the customer service number on the card but all I got was an automated answer telling me that there was no balance on the card. That is impossible. I have no way of contacting the company to try and get an adjustment made for my card.. I am out almost $40. I will never buy… Read more »

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