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My husband recently went in to ask to have the air turned on and was instantly denied. The employee stated he had to purchase gas first before even being able to get air. T

he employees didn’t know if we had even got gas outside using our debit card. My tire was sitting on flat, so I decided maybe me being a woman I should go in myself. And even when I went in, I was still denied by the employees to turn on the air.

Never in my history of getting gas have I ever been told I couldn’t have the air turned on. The two employees were very unprofessional, and just because of this incident I will no longer ever step foot in any of ampm locations, and I will let everyone I know to not use it as well…

Worst customer service I have ever had.

AMPM – 3770 Murphy Canyon Rd San diego CA 92123 | 800-322-2726

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